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Six Surefire Strategies for Surviving and Enjoying Your Next Motor Coach Rental Trip!

October 13, 2013

Here are six surefire strategies to help you survive and enjoy your next trip when you rent a coach with a driver!

1. Prepare a finalized and detailed itinerary for the driver no later than 10-14 days prior to the pickup date. The itinerary should contain complete addresses where your group will be traveling, correct dates and times, and any stops you will make enroute. Sending the itinerary to the carrier in a timely manner permits the most efficient and organized route to be planned in advance. The itinerary serves as your designated roadmap for the driver to follow. Make it as detailed as you possibly can! No guesswork!

2. Review and discuss the carrier rules and regulations with your group leaders prior to the pickup date. Call a meeting with your chaperones and give each of them a copy to review. Go over them in detail and answer any questions that may arise. Confirm that all who have been placed in charge are on the same page and thoroughly understand what can and cannot be done on the trip.

3. Have your group ready to load and pack the coach when it arrives on the pickup date. Coaches will typically arrive 30 minutes prior to departure without incurring any additional investment on your part. Do not expect the driver to pack the coach unless you offer him an additional gratuity. He will need all of his focus, energy, and strength to transport your group safely and securely.

4. Ask the driver to show you his current, valid CDL license and medical card prior to departure. Federal privacy laws prohibit you from copying any of the driver’s personal information, but you may view and verify the status of the two documents above. If you perceive a potential challenge with the driver’s ability to operate the coach, or the driver becomes argumentative, call the carrier and ask for another driver right away. Never argue with a driver or bank on the hope that a bad attitude from a driver will change.

5. If possible, limit your group to pre-packaged foods and bottled water when riding in the coach. When stopping at a fast food restaurant, finish all of the eating and drinking inside and throw all trash away as well. Fast food and drink causes more damage to seats and carpet than any other source. This means you get to invest more in replacing the upholstery and carpet! NO FUN!

6. Follow basic common sense safety rules when riding in a coach. Be seated as much as possible while the coach is in motion. Do not sit on the armrests or yank on the window shades. Do not touch any operating controls that you are unfamiliar with as you may cause the coach to shut itself down! Place all trash in appropriate containers and leave everything better than you found it!

Bonus Tip: Never deviate from your itinerary while you are on the trip unless you would love to receive an unwanted and shocking invoice at the conclusion of the trip. If you add miles, hours, days, or time to the charter, you better be prepared to invest more!

This article was authored by Craig Speck, President and Founder of Speck Transportation. He can be reached by phone at 817-405-0874 or by fax at 817-394-1235. Visit Our Website Here!


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