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Six Specific Warning Signs You Have Chosen The Wrong Motor Coach Carrier!

July 9, 2016

Here are six specific warning signs that you may have chosen the wrong motor coach carrier to transport your group:

1.  Automated attendants answering the phones.  If you cannot get a coach carrier on the phone to give you a quote or to reserve a coach, where in blazes do you think they will be when you get in an accident or the vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere?  If the carrier cannot afford to hire a live person to take your call during business hours, do you really believe they will respond in a timely manner to properly handle any emergencies that arise on evenings or weekends?  If you are unfortunate in selecting one that operates this way, you must obtain an emergency cell phone number that will be answered after hours by a real human that has the power to help you.  If you don’t, you may be stuck in the quicksand!

2.  Failure to provide/produce a valid and current insurance certificate.  At the current time, every legitimate motor coach carrier must have a minimum of five million dollars in liability insurance.  Before your group steps one foot into any vehicle that comes with a driver, you should receive a physical copy and verify by phone their current and valid insurance certificate.  If the carrier balks, delays, or makes any excuses regarding the certificate, get away from them quickly!

3.  Rude, inconsiderate, or apathetic personnel.  If the carrier cannot hire, employ, and provide clients with personnel who are friendly, helpful, competent, and trustworthy,  then you should avoid the carrier like the plague.  This attitude typically starts either with the current owners or executives and then filters down to affect all personnel like a cancer.  If they are not glad to hear from you every time you call, you should invest your hard earned funds with one who will be!

4.  Argumentative or uncooperative drivers.  When you hire a coach, the driver should follow the designated itinerary that your group provided to the carrier well in advance without any deviation.  If a driver attempts to argue with you about anything, or refuses to cooperate with any reasonable request multiple times, then you should disengage and call the carrier to ask for another driver.  Never allow yourself to get personally involved in a potential fight or worse!  If you have hired more than one coach, and the drivers are arguing with or badmouthing each other, call the carrier and inform them!

5.  Failure to offer the vehicle represented.  If you invested additional funds for a larger coach or one with WIFI and electrical outlets, you should settle for nothing less than what you ordered for your group.  You should ideally schedule an advance physical visit to the coach carrier facility to view the type of vehicle offered.  This will help avoid any misunderstandings that might arise on the pickup date and may help you decide whether or not to eliminate the carrier from consideration based on the condition of their fleet that you see while investing your time in this valuable way.

6.  Complete disregard for the safety of your traveling group.   If your driver is texting while driving,  traveling over the speed limit, weaving, or doing anything other than completely concentrating on the road ahead, you must call the carrier immediately and get them to correct this quickly as you have an accident waiting to happen behind the wheel!  You should also ideally inspect the coach inside upon arrival before your group departs.  Check to make sure that the coach has been cleaned to your satisfaction and that all trash from the last group has been removed.  Open the restroom door, confirm with the driver that the fan motor works and that the sewage tanks have been emptied.  Do not accept the coach otherwise!

This article was authored by Craig Speck, WWCEO of Speck Transportation Services.  Craig is the author of the only two books in the world that show traveling groups how to travel safely, how to stay out of scams, crashes, and lawsuits, and how to gain absolute confidence in their group transportation decisions.  Get your free copy of his books right now by calling 817-477-3003 or 817-437-8702.  Visit Our Website Here!   Speck Transportation provides all types of ground transportation with and without drivers for traveling groups across the nation and all over the world!

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