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Stay Off That Roof or Pay Like A Goof!

July 24, 2016

Here is a short story about a church that could not stay off the roof and paid dearly:

Back one summer a few years ago, a church in the Dallas area rented seven 15-passenger vans during the week of July 4th.  During that time, they traveled to a location to watch a fireworks show.  Instead of bringing chairs to sit in, they committed this blunder:

They climbed on top of all seven vans and decided to utilize them for stadium seating. Their youth group stood on the roofs & jumped up and down multiple times.


The roofs were damaged on all seven vans and had to be completely replaced. The church had to pay for all of that damage plus the loss of use fees associated with seven vans being in the shop for one month.  This added an estimated $6000 per vehicle to the repairs on the most expensive part of the vans.  They had to file a gigantic claim on their church insurance, worry about losing their policy, and deal with the upcoming rate increases.


Keep everyone and everything off the roof of any full-size van.  Never sit, stand, or jump on the roof.  Keep these vans out of parking garages and away from low-hanging branches.

In a nutshell, the roofs of these big vans should be off-limits to your group at all times!

Another solution would be to hire a coach or school bus with a driver!  No roof access!

This post was authored by Craig Speck, Worldwide CEO of Speck Transportation Services.  He can be reached at 817-477-3003 or 817-437-8702.  Craig has written two books to show groups how to travel safely, avoid scams, crashes, & lawsuits, and gain complete confidence in the most dangerous activity they will ever engage in.  Get your free copy of his two books by calling the office.  Visit Our Website Here!  Speck Transportation provides all types of ground transportation for traveling groups with and without drivers worldwide.

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