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Mentors From My Third Book!

July 14, 2017

The Bible and different mentors that I’ve had over the years probably started out with a guy by the name of Jeffrey Gitomer, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins. I use Tom Hopkins thank you notes every day. My business coach, Mike Crow, who wrote the foreword to my books; Dan Kennedy who is the head of Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle, a business owner’s group that I’m in; Susan Hamilton. I constantly, over the last 14 1/ 2 years plus, I’ve built up my library, so I have a lot of different mentors that I pull their reference books from time to time. My wife’s often accused me of spending more time studying business than reading the Bible, and that may be true. If we have a successful business, it can fuel success in other areas -not putting it first but just making sure that you have the knowledge and wisdom as an entrepreneur to keep going and be able to turn on a dime, and stay abreast of all the changes. There’s just so many hats we wear as an entrepreneur. Our life is simultaneous, not sequential.

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